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Terms and Conditions of an e-shop, Magdalena Sevcik, operating at (hereinafter Magdalena Sevcik), including Warranty Claim Terms and Conditions, as an inseparable part. 

The Terms and Conditions are governed and constructed in accordance to the Civil Code of the Czech Republic. The courts of the Czech Republic shall have exclusive jurisdiction in matters of litigation and dispute. The Terms and Conditions are valid from 20/04/2020 and we reserve the right to update them at any time, without notice.


1. In General

1. 1 Magdalena Sevcik is registered in the Czech Republic, registered office: Kounicova 17, Brno 60200, ID: 09030174, electronic mail address: The following terms and conditions apply between yourselves and Magdaléna Ševčíková, and govern the sale and purchase of products at Magdalena Sevcik.

1. 2. By placing an order you confirm that you have read the Terms and Conditions and you agree to them. A copy of the Terms and Conditions will be sent to you as an attachment to the purchase confirmation email.


2. The Contract

2. 1. A product listing at Magdalena Sevcik is an invitation to treat. A contract is formed when Magdalena Sevcik accepts your payment.

2. 2. We accept your order without an unnecessary delay and will send you a confirmation email immediately. The email will include a copy of the Terms and Conditions, care guidelines and packaging directions for returns.

2. 3. Expenses related to the delivery are calculated in respect to the delivery charges set by our courier.


3. Repudiating the Contract

Your customer statutory rights are not affected if, for any reason, you wish to return a product and repudiate the contract. You can do it within 14 days of the delivery. You will carry the costs of the return, such as shipping charges. If you require assistance with a return you can contact the artist. We reserve the right to repudiate the contract for legitimate reasons.


4. Data Prote